$500,000 Settlement to End Racial Discrimination Lawsuit

Racist Graffiti and Noose were Found at Worksite and Employer Ignored Complaints.

DALLAS – RockTenn Services Company, Inc. an Atlanta-based manufacturing company, will pay $500,000 to 14 employees and provide other significant relief to settle a racially hostile environment lawsuit brought by  the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the agency  announced today.  The consent decree settling the suit,  resolves the EEOC’s claims against RockTenn.   The EEOC charged RockTenn with subjecting a class of African-American employees to race discrimination.

According to the EEOC’s suit, a class of  African-American employees were subjected to violent, racist graffiti, including  “KKK,” swastikas, Confederate flags, “white power” and other racist  terms, including “die, n—-r, die.”   RockTenn employees also saw hangman’s nooses displayed at its Dallas paper mill.  Several employees were referred to by racist slurs including “n—-r.”  Michael Scott, who filed a discrimination  charge with the EEOC, was a called a “n—-r” by his supervisor.  Scott later discovered a noose at his work station.  The EEOC complained that RockTenn officials repeatedly ignored the complaints of racist graffiti even after it was reported to management on multiple occasions, including at monthly labor-management meetings.

The EEOC was set to go to trial on this case before U.S. District  Court for the Northern District of Texas on Dec. 3.  In addition to presenting testimony from the  class of 14 black employees, the EEOC expected to call two white employees of  RockTenn to testify about numerous instances of racist graffiti and racial  comments by managers made at the paper mill.

Kira Treyvus, a New York Employment Lawyer commented on the allegations and noted that,  “Terms like ‘KKK’ are violent and threatening.  There is only one purpose in using such terms and that is to engage in racial discrimination and harassment.  In today’s society, this should never be tolerated.”

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(Source:  EEOC.com website/press release)

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