Police Chief Sued for Racial Discrimination at Workplace

Two lawsuits filed against the city of Savannah and the police chief are still getting investigated. They were filed by two Metro Police officers; both accuse the chief of racial discrimination.

According to court documents, the two police captains say Chief Willie Lovett is breaking the law, rather than upholding it.

Charles Hall and Dean Fagerstrom filed criminal complaints against Metro’s Police Chief Willie Lovett and the city of Savannah. Both law suits say during a meeting in 2011 chief Lovett announced a promotional opportunity for the rank of major. The suit goes on to say during this meeting Chief Lovett announced that blacks need not apply for the position because they already had two black majors. It even quotes Chief Lovett saying “you all know this is a white position.”

Fagerstrom who is an Asian- American applied for the position anyway and it was then filled months later by a white officer.

Both Fagerstrom and Hall are suing Lovett and the city of Savannah for monetary damages, mental and emotional distress, plus a promotion to the rank of major. Both men say they were told that they did not get the positions because they were not white.

Top brass at Metro Police have denied our request for comment and referred us to the city. City manager Stephanie Cutter sent this statement:

Both the City of Savannah and Chief Lovett vigorously deny the assertion that the Chief discriminated against African-Americans and other minorities. On the contrary, he promoted qualified candidates who, in his discretion, were best-suited for the job at hand. Thus, the City will vigorously defend both of the lawsuits which have been filed recently in federal court.

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Source: The Coastal Source

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